Basic leadership in Crisis for officers

While most of Maritime trainings which are being given to seafarers
are focused on Hard Skills and are conventional as aimed at
compliance with standard procedures. However, they do not affect seafarers’ core values and believes which are essential part of their mentality and behavior. Lack of soft skills trainings for seafarers and office personnel leads to break up in communication chain, misunderstanding and mistrust as consequences to even more serious troubles.

Courses Duration Participants Language
1 day 12 prs Eng / Ukr
8 days 12 prs English
1 day 12 prs English
8 days 12 prs English
1 day 12 prs English
1 day 12 prs Eng / Id
8 days 12 prs English

In order to fill up this gap we suggest LIFE AT SEA. FUNDAMENTALS a tailored coaching programme which is focused on delivering a Company’s corporate culture enabling seafarers to achieve best performance especially when facing challenging situations. Instead of just equipping seafarers with technical knowledge and skills as usual training course do, this method of coaching seeks to guide the seafarer to reflect critically, and responsibly, on their own performance on board. This programme is bespoke model which incorporates the Company’s values and procedures into the process.


The objective of our basic leadership course is to highlight the officers important role as leaders onboard. By using practical examples we give them an extensive leadership toolbox.


  • Types of leaders
  • Formal and informal leaders
  • Qualities of a good leader
  • Types of power
  • How stress affects our behavior and decision taking
  • Putting emotions under your control
  • Choosing our behavior
  • Management styles
  • Communications
  • Cross-cultural competencies
  • Conflict management