Lerus Tailormade Courses - Bulgaria

What is Tailor-made Course?

There are many training courses available for the energy industry as the qualification demand is high and the safety, technical and environmental standards are challenging. However, You may need to develop your own trainings in order to fit task-specific frames.

Lerus Training can help you to:

  • Analyze existing training solutions and their possible gaps
  • Identify training requirements for the specific area of activity in order to define and design training programs for Your personnel
  • Establish qualification assessment frames and guidelines to make sure that training is efficient
  • Maintain qualification level through efficient refreshment training

How does it work?

  • We design the training course You need based on your requirements and legislative frames
  • We set-up initial training for Your personnel and do the test-run
  • Together we identify strength and weakness of the training and improve it if required
  • You receive finalized training with all required documentation, guidelines and equipment in use
Tailormade Courses
Tailormade Courses

Why setting up tailor-made course with Lerus Training?

Since 2007, Lerus Training has gained significant intellectual and physical resource for the energy industry training solutions. Our main advantages area:

  • Lerus Instructors are acting oil-and-gas and renewable energy professionals who maintain their qualification level high at all times
  • Lerus Training has experience in setting up various qualification assessment and training schemes for energy industry sector: on-board training, on-location training, company-specific courses, field-specific assessment frames
  • We have a network of modern training centres worldwide: Ukraine, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Türkiye, Lithuania and Bulgaria. Our Instructors often travel to the worksites to provide training where it is required.
  • We maintain significant level of service flexibility in order to meet Client’s demands and timeframes
  • It is easy to work with us: most probably we know exactly what you need and how to reach the goal you set.

Please CONTACT us for any query or clarification.

Address: 23, Chornomorskogo Kozatstva
Odesa, Ukraine, 65003
Tel: +38 (048) 729 91 25
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Frequently asked questions - Lerus Tailormade Courses - Bulgaria

How is the process of setting up a tailor-made course with Lerus?

The process involves designing a training course based on client requirements and legislative frames. Lerus then sets up initial training for the personnel and conducts a test-run. Strengths and weaknesses of the training are identified collaboratively, and improvements are made if required. Finally, clients receive the finalized training with all necessary documentation, guidelines, and equipment.

What are the advantages of choosing Lerus for tailor-made courses?

Lerus brings significant intellectual and physical resources to the energy industry training solutions. Lerus instructors are active professionals in the oil-and-gas and renewable energy sectors. They have experience in setting up various qualification assessment and training schemes for the energy industry. Moreover, Lerus has a network of modern training centers worldwide and offers a high level of service flexibility to meet client demands.

Why is Lerus considered a leading choice for tailor-made courses in Bulgaria?

Lerus is a global company with a commitment to delivering high-quality training experiences. With modern training centers worldwide, including Bulgaria, and a team of professionals who maintain their qualification level high at all times, Lerus ensures that clients receive comprehensive training solutions. Their flexibility and understanding of client needs make them a preferred choice for those seeking tailor-made courses.
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