Offshore crane operator course. Stage 3

This course is for candidates who have completed OCO Stage 2 and gained sufficient registered operating time on offshore cranes.

Bureau Veritas

This course is certified
by Bureau Veritas.
Duration: 2 days
Participants: 1-3 prs
Validity: 2 years

This section provides a summary of the assessment process at Stage 3 level where the candidates assessed on his skills as a crane operator.
The candidate is fully briefed on the assessment format but does not receive any form of prior tuition, unless the assessment is being delivered in conjunction with a training programme.

Crane Operator Stage 3 Assessment Format

The Assessor will accompany the crane operator into the cab and ask the operator to "familiarise" him with the crane as if he were handling it over to a new member on board. Points to be noted will include, but not be limited to:

  • use and understanding of load indicator functions, both static and dynamic modes
  • limiting devices
  • drive train
  • wires fitted to the crane in use
  • crane controls
  • understanding of the crane operator's responsibilities under LOLER regulations or prevailing legislation

Through the caliber of response, the assessor can identify any areas of weakness in the operator's knowledge of the equipment, safety systems or company operating procedures.
The practical assessment will be structured, where possible, around normal operations, scheduled to coincide with the arrival of a supply vessel.
The Instructor will visually check whether the system has been adjusted to reflect differing operating criteria, i.e. sea state, then leave the cab and observe.

The operator will undertake a series of lifts to demonstrate his ability to:

  • operate the crane in a safe manner, displaying awareness of any conflicting activity
  • control the crane whilst operating unloaded and with load on hook
  • demonstrate the ability to remove swing from the load
  • follow instructions given by the banksman through hand signals and radio contact

Following liaison with the client representative, a suitable opportunity will be identified for the crane operator to complete a multi-choice theoretical examination to identify the extent of his underpinning knowledge of crane operations. The minimum pass mark is set at 80%.
Successful completion of the assessment process allows operators to carry out all lifts unsupervised


Personnel with Stage 2 and further experience under supervision or with proven verifiable experience

Frequently asked questions - Offshore crane operator course. Stage 3

What certification will participants receive upon completing the Lerus course for offshore crane operations?

Participants who successfully complete the course will be certified in Offshore Crane Operations at Stage 3. This certification acknowledges their expertise and ability to perform crane operations unsupervised, following a rigorous assessment process.

What is the focus of the "Offshore Crane Operator Course. Stage 3" offered by Lerus?

The "Offshore Crane Operator Course. Stage 3" focuses on advanced crane operations in offshore environments. It includes a practical assessment structured around normal operations, a theoretical examination, and a comprehensive evaluation of the participant's ability to operate cranes safely and effectively in various conditions.

How does Lerus' status as a global company with training centers worldwide reflect in the quality of their "Offshore Crane Operator Course. Stage 3"?

Lerus, being a global company with training centers across the world, ensures that their "Offshore Crane Operator Course. Stage 3" adheres to high international standards of quality and safety. Their global presence allows them to incorporate diverse expertise and best practices from around the world, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded training experience for participants.

Reviews - Offshore crane operator course. Stage 3

Fabulous training
I'm impressed with the service of lerus training cnter. They managed to arranged the course for me in the shortest period of time. Instructor Anton was extrmely high-experienced, and his gentle manner of transmiiting knowledge suited me. My sincere appreciations for this course. Hope to refresh my certificate here too. Review by: Anton Zhelyazko
All was perfect Andriy is great instructor and colleague!! Review by: Miroslav Ganchev
The OCO Stage 3 re-assessment course was highly performed from professional instructor. All theoretical and practical parts was excellent explained and clearly understood. I'll Highly recommended your good training center to my colleagues. With kind regards. Review by: Daniel Sabev
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Keep going like this. Thank you for the course. All the best. Review by: Artur Hlihor
Great place to do Crane operator course
It was more than a course,it was a great experiance meeting good people and the assessor was great even if you dont have idea what is a crane,he will teach you to become a good crane operator. Thank you very much for the course. Highly recommend!! Review by: JJ
OCO stage3
Many thanks to Andrey, a very qualified instructor, competently explains everything and clearly shows, knowledge has definitely been updated Review by: Vitaliy
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