Lifting Supervisor Course

The Lifting Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the set-up, maintenance and safe and efficient operations of the lifting equipment. He is responsible for co-ordinating and supervising all lifting activities in accordance with regulations and is required to be present during all lifting operations.

Bureau Veritas

This course is certified
by Bureau Veritas.
Duration: 4 days
Participants: Max 4 prs
Validity: 5 years

Target Group

Experienced Stage 3 Offshore Crane Operator's, Deck Foreman's, Deck Supervisor's,, Chief Officer's.

Course content

  • Essential Principles for Lifting & Hoisting Operation
  • Planning
  • Lift Categorization
  • Control
  • Competence
  • Lifting equipment Inspection,
  • Maintenance and Certification
  • Anti heeling system/Load Moment Control Personnel Lift Offshore 
  • Subsea  operation’s
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The objective

Participants should demonstrate their strong knowledge of the current lifting operation regulations, Codes of Practice and industrial requirements.

Admission Reqirements

Experienced  Stage 3 Offshore Crane Operators/Deck Foreman's/Deck Supervisor's/Senior Officer's should have sufficient experience of cranes to meet the requirements specified in British standard 7121 Safe Use of Cranes.
Good understanding of spoken and written English


Theoretical and practical assessment (incl. Subsea Lifting Operations simulation)

Frequently asked questions - Lifting Supervisor Course

What certification will participants receive after completing the Lifting Supervisor course?

Participants who successfully complete the Lifting Supervisor course will receive a certificate acknowledging their proficiency and training in the field. This certification is a testament to their understanding and skills in overseeing and coordinating lifting operations, in compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

What is the focus of the "Lifting Supervisor Course"

The "Lifting Supervisor Course" focuses on essential aspects of lifting operations. It includes training on principles for lifting and hoisting, lift categorization, control, competence, and the inspection, maintenance, and certification of lifting equipment. The course is tailored for experienced offshore crane operators, deck foremen, and supervisors, enhancing their capabilities in overseeing safe and efficient lifting operations.

How does Lerus' status as a global company with training centers worldwide enhance the learning experience in the "Lifting Supervisor Course"?

Lerus' global presence, with training centers in multiple countries, provides participants with a diverse and comprehensive learning environment. This international footprint ensures that the training adheres to global standards of safety and operational excellence. Participants benefit from exposure to a variety of perspectives and practices in lifting operations, making them well-equipped for challenges in the global offshore and crane operation industries.

Reviews - Lifting Supervisor Course

International centre with high level of training.
International centre with high level of training. Review by: Vitaliy
The worthy price for essential knowledge
To start with, I would like to note that I has highly deepen my knowledge regarding lifting operations during this course at Lerus center. Obviously, it was my aim. Instructor Andriy conducted over the course perfectly, and paid high attention to every detail, especially for the practical assessment. In my opinion, I paid the relevant price for the high standard of mentioned course, acquired essential practical skills and new career opportunities. Review by: Peter
Helpful course
Instructor was both friendly and high-experienced. He provided all the content in an understandable way hence I definetely sure that I am to perform duties safely. To my mind having training like this is the way to success. Review by: Mikhael
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