Operator of Floating Units Cranes

Any personnel involved with Floating Units Cranes

Courses Duration Participants Language
2 days 6 prs Eng / Ukr
2 days 6 prs English
2 days 6 prs English
2 days 6 prs English
2 days 6 prs Eng / Id
2 days 6 prs English
2 days 6 prs English

The Aims of the Course

Introduce the safety requirements Operating with the cranes on a floating units in a safe and efficient manner working within the design specifications and environmental limits of the crane. Responsible for the first line maintenance of cranes and relevant lifting equipment. Also, performs and directs lifting operations.

Approval type

IMCA C 002 Rev.2 IMCA Guidance on Competence Assurance & Assessment - Marine Division Dec 01.2012

Admission Requirements

1 Appropriate experience to be a Crane Operator
2 Current and valid training certificate appropriate to crane operated
3 Record of competence to be a Crane Operator which needs to take cognisance of flag and coastal state requirements at an operational level demonstrating relevant experience offshore requirements
All above mentioned documents should be valid on course date


Give the trainees understanding and basic knowledge about floating units cranes and lifting operations.
Operate the crane in a safe and efficient manner. Provide Crane Operators with fundamental safe working procedures to be followed during crane lifting operations.

Course reviews

Amazing course
I am definetely glad to pass the course in Lerus training center, because I have heard about this training center repeatedly. Excellent level of service, high level of education standard and well-experienced instructors - every aspect is worthy high appreciation. Review by: Boris