Offshore crane operator course. Stage 1

This introductionary theoretical and practical course for candidates willing to become certified offshore crane operators. Designed to suit personnel who have no previous crane operating experience.

Bureau Veritas

This course is certified
by Bureau Veritas.
Duration: 3 days
Participants: 1-4 prs
Validity: 2 years

The Aims of the Course

Covers basic knowledge and control skills achieving good foundation training for advancement to Offshore Crane Operator Stage 2 training.

Requirements for the students

No special requirements. But preferable to have minimum understanding of marine lifting operations.

What Will Be Covered During The Course?

  • Health & Safety Legislation
  • Basic Crane Terminology
  • Principles of Stability
  • Basic Mechanical Principles
  • Safety Devices
  • Safe Working Loads
  • British Standard Hand Signals
  • Rated Capacity Indicators
  • Pre-operational Checks/Shutdown Procedure
  • Introduction to Wire Ropes
  • Practical Instruction covering the operating techniques to:
  • Contribute to integrated safe systems of work
  • Carry out pre-start checks and inspections
  • Lift, transfer and position loads
  • Respond to hand signals and radio instruction

Frequently asked questions - Offshore crane operator course. Stage 1

What certification will participants receive upon completing the Offshore Crane Operator course?

Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a globally recognized certification, qualifying them as offshore crane operators.

What is the "Offshore crane operator course. Stage 1" about?

The "Offshore crane operator course. Stage 1" is designed for individuals with no previous crane operating experience. It covers basic knowledge and control skills, providing foundational training for advancement to Offshore Crane Operator Stage 2. The course includes practical instruction on operating techniques, health and safety legislation, basic crane terminology, and more.

How does Lerus' status as a global company with training centers worldwide reflect in the quality of the "Offshore crane operator course. Stage 1"?

Lerus is a global company with training centers in various countries, ensuring that the "Offshore crane operator course. Stage 1" adheres to high international standards of quality. Their global presence allows them to incorporate diverse expertise and best practices from around the world, providing participants with a comprehensive and high-quality learning experience in crane operations.

Reviews - Offshore crane operator course. Stage 1

Good place,easy to find on google maps...lerus instructor good admin nicely
Thanks for everything Review by: Adi
Offshore Crane Operator Stage 1
Visual part of simulator , equipment , Instractors , and meals is exellent . Next part of course I will be attending in Lerus Indonesia. Review by: Helmi
High-rated course
Th excellent training. I gained essential knowledge and acquired core skills to become a crane operator. I received initial practice on crane simulator and it was facinating. Instructor Andriy is a very experienced master and I'm lucky to learn from him. My appreciations to Lerus for such amazing training. Review by: Soran
Helping course
I passed this course some time ago, and received valuable initial experience and insight into crane operations. This area is extraordinary interesting in perspective for me. Review by: Lev
5-star course
My appreciations to Lerus team for this course. I received enourmous pile of new and important information. Besides, essential experience which I received on simulator is awesome and extremely important. Review by: Ivan
Offshore crane operator stage 1
course was informative and up-to-date, instructor was highly qualified and experienced, ready to answer any question, if you met your expectations of the course Review by: Pinchuk Anatolii
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