Towing Operations Course

Today, towing a large ship is fraught with potential hazards and accidents during towing operations are all too common. In port, tugs are often working in a restricted space with limited room for manoeuvre, while long distance offshore tows have their own particular problems. This course shows how the risks of a towing operation can be minimised through thorough preparation, effective teamwork and communication, and by adopting best practice in all procedures.

Courses Duration Participants Language
5 days 6 prs Eng / Ukr
5 days 6 prs Eng / Id
5 days 6 prs English
5 days 6 prs English
5 days 6 prs English


Target User:

Ships' Masters, officers and crews.

Course Prerequisites:


Course Outcomes:

After completing the course, trainees will understand the safety issues involved in towing operations. They will be able to plan and undertake a harbour towing operation using best safety practice, and will know the legal requirements for emergency towing. Trainees who complete Module 4 will also learn how to carry out an offshore towing operation safely.

  • Learn about the three-stage preparation process for a towing operation: exchange of information, planning, and risk assessment
  • Become familiar with different types of tug and the different types of towing assistance they offer
  • Learn best practice as regards equipment inspection and maintenance
  • Understand the importance of good planning and communication between all parties
  • Know how to make fast and let go safely
  • Learn the legal requirements for emergency towing arrangements and procedures
  • Understand the factors involved in offshore towing, with emphasis on checking and protecting towlines, and collision avoidance

Mode of Delivery

The course is a modular with theoretical and practical (simulator).


Module 1 - Carrying Out Safe Towing Operations
Module 2 - Carrying Out a Safe Harbour Towing Operation
Module 3 - Emergency Towing Arrangements
Module 4 - Offshore Towing Operations

Course reviews

Truthworthy company and important course
I'd like to point out that this training center met my requirements and proven its truthworthy. I received valuable knowledge regarding towing operations. Hence I'm completely confident in implementing the acquired skills in my daily work. I would like to exend my thanks to lerus training center for such important and effective course. Review by: Richard
Satisfied expectations
I planned to pass towing operations training for a while, and finally chose Lerus training. It seemed appropriate for me. I'd like to point out a high level of provided knowledge and lots of practice experience. I'm satisfied, thanks Lerus for the training. Review by: Lukasz
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