Boat Transfer - GWO Training


Boat transfer training is based on GWO BST standard part of Sea Survival Module and allows delegates to learn safety aspects of personnel transfer in offshore wind industry and allows to gain practical skills of safe transfer techniques using different types of harness and SRL.

Courses Duration Participants Language
3 hours 12 prs Eng / Ukr
3 hours 12 prs Eng / Id
3 hours 12 prs English

Target Audience

Personnel who will be working in the offshore wind industry or related fields and will have their duties in a offshore wind turbine environment.


All personnel participating in this training shall be medically fit and capable of fully participating.
Participants’ signatures testifying to their medical fitness will be collected prior to the start of the module.

Course Content

  • Safe travel and transfer (theory)
  • Installations, vessels and WTGs
  • Transfer practical

Certificate Validity

2 years