Seismic/survey operation in offshore environment course

This course teaches the best practice for safe handling of seismic vessels. It focuses on practical simulator exercises, and also covers other important elements such as risk assessment, communication, acceptable conditions, etc.

Bureau Veritas

This course is certified
by Bureau Veritas.
Duration: 5 days
Participants: 6 prs
Validity: 5 years

Course Contents

The training aims to instill best industry practice through a hands-on approach using the Kongsberg 290° full-mission bridge simulator. The course can also cover key areas of seismic vessels operations, such as alongside operations, towing streamers, replenishment and refueling at sea with support vessels, emergency scenarios such as breakdown towing, etc. A variety of environmental conditions are used in simulations to give participants a realistic training scenario.


All participants gain valuable hands-on experience, including a deeper understanding of:

  • safe maneuvering using ship’s engines and helm;
  • natural forces (wind, current, interaction) and their effect on the behavior of ships involved in different operations;
  • the importance of assessment and planning and the need for alternative plans;
  • safe and effective operation management using bridge resource management tools;
  • efficient bridge procedure management during RAS operations.

Admission Requirements

The course is designed for Masters, Chief Officers and Deck officers of support and seismic vessels with limited knowledge of offshore vessel operations.

Frequently asked questions - Seismic/survey operation in offshore environment course

Will participants receive a certificate after completing the course?

es, upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a certificate, signifying their proficiency and understanding of the course content.

What is the primary objective of the "Seismic/Survey Operation in Offshore Environment Course"?

The "Seismic/Survey Operation in Offshore Environment Course" aims to teach best practices for the safe handling of seismic vessels, focusing on hands-on simulator exercises. It covers key operational areas such as alongside operations, towing streamers, replenishment, and refueling at sea, along with emergency scenarios like breakdown towing, in various environmental conditions to provide realistic training scenarios.

Why is Lerus considered an ideal choice for training in the offshore industry?

Lerus is recognized globally for its high-quality training programs, including the "Seismic/Survey Operation in Offshore Environment Course." With a commitment to excellence and the use of advanced simulators for practical training, Lerus ensures that participants receive thorough and realistic preparation for operations in the offshore environment. Furthermore, Lerus's global presence, with training centers across the world, demonstrates its capability to provide accessible and superior training to a wide audience, making it a preferred choice for professionals in the offshore industry.

Reviews - Seismic/survey operation in offshore environment course

Excellent course
I passed this course some time ago and would like to share my impressions. Experienced staff, friendly and helpful. programme is obviously extensive and well-prepared. Surilly will recommend it to my friends. Review by: Rimantas
I'm excited with the course. Lots of practice, huge amount of information and professionalism of instructor left me lasting impressions. Review by: Vladyslav
Helpful course
I would like to thank Lerus group for such interesting and informative course. I deppened my knowledge and aquaired precious experience in operating a seismic vessel. To my mind, gaining such experience as initial skills in simulated enviroment is extremelly important. Review by: Alovsat
Critical knowledge an a short form
I received priceless experience regarding performing safe operations on seismic vessels. It was both interesting and educational. So much critical information was tighten into a short course. Review by: Artemij
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