QHSE Level 2

(Administration Requirements)

All Oil and Gas industry personnel in an Offshore environment who are accountable for the monitoring of the QHSE Management System at a management / operational level and QHSE programs. Including also HSE advisors, Captains, Senior Maritime Officers, Party Managers and not limited to Junior maritime officers and any Crewmember who in his job assignment has the responsibility for a group of crew members. It is highly recommended that HSE Leaders and selected HSE support team members attend this course in order to develop their skills of leading an investigation process of QHSE High Potential Risk events and auditing of Management systems.

Courses Duration Participants Language
4 days 16 prs Eng / Ukr
4 days 16 prs English
4 days 16 prs English
4 days 16 prs Eng / Id
4 days 16 prs English
4 days 16 prs English
4 days 16 prs English

Course Objectives

Objective of Training are:

  • To help develop skills for the efficient monitoring of the QHSE Management System as well as making continuous improvements and process coordination.
    ticipants aware of the necessity to impart to other crew members of the ship, they should adopt a positive health and safety conscious attitude at all times.
  • Record keeping.
  • Compliance auditing and monitoring.
  • Information management.


Upon completion of course, participants will have obtained the QHSE Level 2 certification, which can be recorded in the corresponding section of their Training and Competency passports in accordance with company requirements.


The course provides the typical contents and sequence of the QHSE management course for Managers and personnel involved in operation on management level.
Although all listed topics represent the minimum common training that shall be provided in all courses, topics may either be expanded or added in order to address Companies / Owners specific Area issues (such as specific security or health issues, local regulations,...etc)
Topics are arranged along the same sequence as the best practices and resources of the variety QHSE systems, but sequence may need to be modified in order to fit customer requirements (Company for Group of people).

Additional support materials (invitation letter, handouts checklist, administrator checklist, certificates) are also provided as part of Organizational resources.

Course reviews

Fulfilled requirements
I was told by my manager to pass QHSE advanced course. I chose Lerus because I've heard from my friend about this company before. High level of service, professional instructor and deep level of course programme made this course worth recommendations. Review by: Illya
Well-prepared course
I passed QHSE advanced course in Lerus training center. I chose the very this center due to its high reputation. I received great deal of information and filled my knowledge gaps. Besides I also received some essential insights. Review by: Pawel
Both helpful and interesting
I completed this course some time ago and would like to share my impressions of it. Well-organised, comprehensive, easy to understand and memorize information to implement into working routine. Review by: Roma
A really well-prepared course
High level of delivered knowledge and various practical exercises made my choice of Lerus completely right. I'm absolutely glad to share my impressions and my appreciations to lerus training center team, especially to instructor Andriy. Review by: Veniamyn
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