Ukraine - Lerus Training Courses

Lerus at Odessa, Ukraine providing theory and practical based courses by using today's simulation solutions from KONGSBERG.

Address: Ukraine, 65003, Odesa
No. 23 Chornomorskogo Kozatstva

Lerus Training provides a wide range of offshore training courses based on the well-designed training programs and using modern equipment in combination with real offshore experience of our instructors. We provide training courses in accordance with international standards to meet requirements of ship owners, operators, charters and international organizations such as IMO, The Nautical Institute, OPITO and GWO.

Learning by first hand experience on board an offshore vessel or installation, as the only means of education, is now unacceptable due to the increasing cost of mistakes and their influence on the environment.

Safety reduces the risk of injuries to personnel and minimizes the risk of damage to the environment. Reliability minimizes the ever increasing cost of being off-hire; and well trained competent personnel improve the efficiency and economy of offshore operations.

Our staff are a team of well-qualified specialists, who are constantly developing our activities, which aim to answer the needs of our Clients and Partners. Our Company has one of the most extensive databases of Ukrainian, European officers and ratings, most of whom have prior experience of working for the Oil and Gas Industry. We created a Ships Supply and Services Station, which can provide any survey and maintenance of vessels or vessel's equipment, arrange different ship Supplies and chandlery in any Ukrainian port.

To keep our recruits and other seafarers on a high level of professional knowledge and experience, Lerus ltd opened a Training Center in Odessa, providing theory and practical based courses by using today’s simulation solutions from KONGSBERG MARINE.
Thus personnel competence can be achieved in a safer manner, with greater scheduling flexibility and economies of scale.

Frequently asked questions - Ukraine - Lerus Training Courses

How does the process of setting up a tailor-made course with Lerus work?

Lerus designs the training course based on client requirements and legislative frames. An initial training session is set up for the client's personnel, followed by a test-run. Strengths and weaknesses of the training are identified collaboratively, and improvements are made if required. The client then receives the finalized training with all necessary documentation, guidelines, and equipment.

What are the advantages of setting up a tailor-made course with Lerus Training?

Lerus Training brings significant intellectual and physical resources to the table, with instructors who are active professionals in the oil-and-gas and renewable energy sectors. They have experience in setting up various qualification assessment and training schemes for the energy industry. Additionally, Lerus has a network of modern training centers worldwide and offers a high level of service flexibility to meet client demands.

Why is Lerus a preferred choice for tailor-made courses in Ukraine?

Lerus is a global company known for its commitment to delivering high-quality training solutions. With a presence in multiple countries and a team of expert instructors, Lerus ensures that the courses are comprehensive and aligned with industry standards. Their flexibility and understanding of client needs make them a reliable partner for training in the energy sector.
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