Offshore familiarization courses - Türkiye

Only highly qualified personnel can safely and effectively perform their duties in the offshore oil & gas industry. Lerus provides special training for workers and prospective employees who have offshore experience. The main purpose is to familiarise personnel with work specific to this industry.

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These courses will help you to understand the basic operations and processes in the industry. Mainly focusing on types of work, safety of operations and requirements for employees, etc

Frequently asked questions - Offshore familiarization courses - Türkiye

After completing the courses with Lerus, will participants receive a certification?

Yes, upon successful completion of our courses, participants will receive a certification from Lerus, attesting to their understanding and proficiency in the subject matter

What is the primary objective of the Offshore familiarization - Türkiye courses offered by Lerus?

The Offshore familiarization - Türkiye courses are designed for workers and prospective employees with offshore experience. The main goal is to familiarize personnel with work specific to the offshore oil & gas industry, ensuring they can safely and effectively perform their duties.

Why is Lerus a preferred choice for Offshore Familiarization courses in Türkiye?

Lerus is a global company known for its commitment to delivering high-quality training experiences. In Türkiye, we maintain our standards of excellence, ensuring that participants receive comprehensive training. Our courses are designed by experts, ensuring participants are well-prepared for the challenges of the offshore industry.
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