Basics of Hydraulic System, Maintenance and Operation Course

This course delivers an interactive training experience designed to help students understand the various components found in a typical hydraulic system and how these components function and interact with each other. The learning labs, 3D simulations, quizzes, and tests presented in this course bring unmatched interactivity for a comprehensive view of hydraulic systems. This course provides Personnel with fundamental safe working procedures to be followed during Hydraulic Systems maintenance & operation.

Courses Duration Participants Language
5 days Max 12 prs Eng / Ukr
5 days Max 12 prs English
5 days Max 12 prs English
5 days Max 12 prs English
5 days Max 12 prs Eng / Id
5 days Max 12 prs English

Basics of Hydraulic System, Maintenance and Operation Course - Photo 1

Target Audience

Any person involved in the maintenance of vessel's hydraulic equipment.

Course Prerequisites

Minimum understanding of hydraulic systems and equipment.


Theoretical lessons and practical exercises with hydraulic equipment:

  • Principles of Hydraulics
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Hydraulic System Parts & Components
  • Hydraulic system graphic symbols
  • Offshore Cranes Hydraulic System Operation & Maintenance
  • Hydraulic Systems Trouble Shooting
  • Assembling and disassembling hydraulic units
  • Active Heave Compensation & Constant tension systems


Give the trainees an understanding and basic knowledge about Hydraulic Systems, Operation and Maintenance.

Admission Requirements

Participants must have a COC, seaman's book, valid medical certificate.


Theoretical and practical assessment

Course reviews

Vast knowledge in a condensed form
This course includes extensive course programme which condensed into a short form. Key insights and knwoledge alongside essential skills made this course extremmely efficient for me. I believve it will help me to perform my duties perfectly and my career will advance. Review by: Vyacheslav