High Voltage Training

Teach the participants to realize safety requirements for high voltage equipment & HV maintenance entry levels. Introduce HV Power system composition requirements to HV protection systems. Explain main HV system components: generators, motors, switchboards, circuit breakers, control relays and transformers. Introduce system documentation so that they can follow correct procedure to perform periodic maintenance in a safe manner

Bureau Veritas

This course is certified
by Bureau Veritas.

Course in Ukraine, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia
approved by Maritime Port Authorities of Singapore in accordance with STCW

Course Content

High Voltage Training course covers the following topics:

  • Pertinent regulatory matters (IMO, flag state, company specific)
  • Electrification
  • Regulations
  • Alternators and Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR)
  • Medium voltage switchgears
  • Hands on exercises
  • MV / LV transformers
  • Power distribution
  • Safety of operations

Special (customized) content of the Marine High Voltage course may be
adopted, as per customer specific requirements.


At the end of the course, every trainee will take a written examination.
A certificate confirming student's success at achieving a minimum 75% pass will be issued at the end of the course.
In the event of an unsuccessful result, (examination mark below 75%) trainee is recommended to go through the received course material in soft copy at home & pass a re-test exam in 2 (two) working days.

Admission Requirements

Certified chief engineers, engineers, electrical/electronic engineers (ETO) and maintenance personnel on board who are responsible for the daily maintenance of the High Voltage systems.

Reviews - High Voltage Training

The instructor Mr. Sergiy is highly experienced, very kind and friendly. He provides up-to-date information. The lectures are informative and easy to understand. Thank Lerus Training for such training. Review by: Igor
Fascinating course
Instructor Sergiy is a very competent teacher. He provides you deep knowledge in extremely understandable way. Review by: Ruslan
My best decision
Teacher is extremely experienced. He explains material very well and ready to answer any questions. Review by: Onur
Perfect training
To my mind, it is the best High Voltage course. I received extremely vuluable knowledge which will definatelly advance my career. I will certainly recommend this course and lerus to all my friends. Review by: Furkon
Great course
I would like to share my sincere thanks to Lerus team and Instructor Sergii personally for this course. I aquired essential knowledge and skills to perform my duties perfectly. I was amazed with the level of course programme. Review by: Jaya
Enriching experience
I completed this course and gained lots of valuable information. Instructor is really mastered and ready to answer any question. Review by: Adam
Outstanding training
I'm absolutely amazed with this course! Super experienced instructor Sergiy Biliavsky delivered the course material in an easy to understand form. Besides, he gave a lot of additional information after the course was completed. Thank you very much. Review by: Herman
Extremelly informative course
I acquired extremely important knowledge and experience. Lots of new information, which experienced instructor managed to cover in a slightly short period of time. Besides, all the information was transmitted in an understandable manner. Thanks. Review by: Philipp

Becoming an HV Authorised Person: Training and Certification

Lerus Training offers a comprehensive High Voltage (HV) training course, designed to equip authorized persons with the skills and knowledge required for safe operation and maintenance of high voltage power systems. This training course is essential for personnel responsible for HV switching operations, including senior authorized persons who oversee high voltage equipment in substations and switchrooms. The course covers various aspects of high voltage electrical systems, ensuring that delegates are thoroughly trained in the control of entry and arrangements for confined spaces where high voltage systems are present. Guilds accredited, this training programme is crucial for those required to carry out high voltage operations safely and effectively.

Essentials of Safe Operation in High Voltage Power Systems

The High Voltage training course at Lerus Training is aimed at raising the competency level of individuals to a standard suitable for an authorized person, including those working in both high and low voltage environments. The course content is designed to provide delegates with a deep understanding of high voltage power systems, including the safe operation of high voltage switching and the complexities involved in entering high voltage switchrooms. Upon completion of the course, candidates will be assessed and accredited, ensuring they have the necessary skills to perform HV switching operations with limited safety document issuing responsibilities. This training is ideal for electricians and other personnel who need to understand and perform high voltage testing and advanced HV switching operations.

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