OPITO Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader Further Training (HERTLF)

The Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) is responsible for the day-to-day management of the helideck, associated helideck operations and supervision of the Helideck Assistants (HDAs). The HLO is responsible for leading the initial response to a helicopter emergency on an offshore fixed, mobile or floating installation and supervising the HDA Helideck Emergency Response Team Members (HERTM) in their role as Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader (HERTL). This training course is designed to update knowledge, understanding and skills required to perform the role of Helicopter Landing Officer and Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader with high level of safety and efficiency.

Courses Duration Participants Language
2 days 12 prs Eng / Ukr
2 days 12 prs Eng / Id
2 days 12 prs English
2 days 12 prs English
2 days 12 prs English

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Target Audience

All personnel currently-appointed OPITO-certified Offshore Helicopter Landing Officers that require to revalidate their Certificate by refreshing and updating their knowledge and skills

Course Prerequisites

One of the following:

  • A valid OPITO Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader Training Certificate
  • A valid OPITO Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader Further Training Certificate
  • A valid OPITO Helideck Operations Initial Training certificate and a valid Helideck Emergency Response Team Member (HERTM) certificate and a valid Offshore Emergency Response Team leader (OERTL) Certificate

Course Content

Theoretical lessons together with practical exercises in a Helicopter simulator:

  • HLO Further Training
    • HLO further theory training
    • HLO further practical training in emergency response.


Participants should demonstrate their knowledge of the role and responsibilities of a HLO and HERTL and practice to a variety of helideck firefighting and non-firefighting emergency scenarios.

Admission Requirements

Participants must have a valid medical certificate and valid photo ID


Every two years


2 days

Frequently asked questions:

After completing the course with Lerus, will participants receive an OPITO certificate?

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded an official OPITO certificate with 2-year validity, recognizing their advanced skills and knowledge in helideck emergency response leadership

What is the main objective of the "Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader Further Training (HERTL F)" course offered by Lerus?

The course is designed to refresh and further enhance the knowledge and skills of individuals responsible for leading a helideck emergency response team. It covers essential topics such as helideck emergency response procedures, firefighting strategies, and effective leadership during critical situations.

Who should consider enrolling in this course?

This course is tailored for individuals who have previously completed the Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader Initial Training and are looking to renew their certification. It's ideal for those in leadership roles on offshore installations, ensuring they are equipped with the latest techniques and knowledge to manage helideck emergencies effectively.

Course reviews

Amazing training service as always
I have passed in Lerus all my OPITO trainings begining from the HOIT training. And I have managed to refresh my HERTL certificate month ago in some days till the end of validation due to amazing administrative staff. I will certainly do it again without any doubts. Facility always well prepared and it makes the process of obtaining valuable knowledge and skills an easy things. Review by: Taras
Perfect training
The training was perfect as usual. Fantastic facility, experienced staff, lots of practice and up-ro-date training programme. Lunch and coffee were also nice. I will choose lerus training centre for the next refresher training with no doubts. Review by: Leonid
Very Good
The training experience and refresher of the HERTL knowledge is very good including the training facility as well. Review by: Arnel
Friendly team
Helpful team, assisting and making the practical task easy. Review by: Vaibhav Chopra
Good Training Location with OPITO standard
I am happy with my experience at the training center. The HERTL(F) training program met my expectations, perfectly aligning with my needs. Additionally, the center's strategic location near the airport made it incredibly convenient, allowing me to seamlessly incorporate training into my travel to or from work. Overall, it was a highly satisfying and efficient learning experience. Review by: KADARDO
Very helpful and good team work by Lerus team. Review by: Audhy
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