Liftboat / SPJUB Manoeuvring Course

Course is designed to allow participants to upgrade or refresh their manual ship handling skills for Liftboat / Self-Propelled Jack-up Barge.

Courses Duration Participants Language
3 days Max 8 prs English
3 days Max 8 prs English


Training enables delegates with little or no experience in liftboat manoeuvring to gain appropriate skills using Class-A simulator in various sea state conditions.  It may also serve as a refresher course for those who did not manoeuvre SPJUB for a long period of time due to the nature of the projects they were recently involved in.

Liftboat / SPJUB Manoeuvring Course – photo 01 Liftboat / SPJUB Manoeuvring Course – photo 01
Liftboat / SPJUB Manoeuvring Course – photo 02 Liftboat / SPJUB Manoeuvring Course – photo 02

Course Content

This is solely practical simulator-based training using three-legged self-propelled jack-up barge model in various weather conditions. Thruster set-up includes three ASD CPP thrusters and one tunnel bow thruster.  Delegates will practice ship handling in scenarios designed and delivered by experienced SPJUB Masters which include but not limited to:

  • Approach and positioning of SPJUB at the offshore platform;
  • Station keeping for a soft pin;
  • Approach and station keeping in slack tide and full tide conditions;
  • Approach and station keeping in slight and moderate wind conditions with and without current;
  • Abandon jacking operation due to equipment failure (simulated).

Course Pre-requisites

OOW, Chief Mate or Master License.

Frequently asked questions:

What does Lerus's Liftboat / SPJUB Manoeuvring Course entail?

Lerus's Liftboat / SPJUB Manoeuvring Course is an intensive training program aimed at enhancing the manual ship handling capabilities for Liftboats and Self-Propelled Jack-Up Barges. It's an ideal course for those seeking to develop or update their manoeuvring skills through simulation-based training.

Who is the target audience for the Liftboat / SPJUB Manoeuvring Course by Lerus?

The course is designed for a broad range of participants, from those with limited liftboat manoeuvring experience to professionals seeking a skills refresher. It is especially suitable for individuals holding OOW, Chief Mate, or Master Licenses.

What are the key features of the training in the Liftboat / SPJUB Manoeuvring Course?

Participants will engage in hands-on, simulator-based training, tackling various scenarios such as SPJUB positioning near offshore platforms, maintaining station in diverse tidal and wind conditions, and responding to simulated equipment failures, all under diverse weather conditions.

Course reviews

Very good training!
During traning i've observed hight qualility simulator with all aspects of real enviroments. Spesial thanks to highly qualified trainer Yuriy for exellent job. Highly recommended ! Review by: Vladimir
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