NI DP Revalidation / Refresher and Competency Assessment Course

This course allows a certified DPO to revalidate their DP license without sufficient documented DP sea time or without following NI CPD programme.

The Nautical Institute

This course is certified by
The Nautical Institute.
Duration: 5 days
Participants: 4 prs
Validity: No expiry


The training is based on the program as outlined by the recommendations contained in The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) guidelines.  
Training is a mix of theoretical sessions and practical exercises in simulators, using Kongsberg DP.


The overall course aim is to update the DPOs with the latest rules and regulations, position references and sensors, known DP incidents and lessons learned. At the end of the course, the student should:

  • Have acquired knowledge of the latest rules and regulations
  • Have acquired knowledge of the latest developments within sensors and PRS
  • Have acquired knowledge of the latest relevant DP incidents and why they occurred
  • Be able to recognise the various alarm, warning and information messages
  • Carry out operational planning, risk assessment and hazard identification tasks
  • Set up the DP system for a particular task/operation
  • Decide on courses of action because of systems failure


Instructors will assess and score the candidate during theoretical and practical exercises. The pass mark is 70%

Admission Requirements

DPO must have valid DP ticket issued by the NI to attend this course. If the DPO has 30 days or more DP sea time, then the DP Refresher and Competency Assessment Course may be completed at any time, as required. If the DPO has no DP sea time or less than 30 days of seat time, then the Revalidation Course may be completed up to six months before the revalidation dates set by the NI. If the DPO has less than 30 days of DP sea time, the course will be valid for a period of 12 months only, at which time the DPO must apply to the NI for certificate revalidation.

Frequently asked questions - Nautical Institute DP Revalidation / Refresher Course

After completing the course with Lerus, will participants receive an official certification from NI?

Yes, upon successful completion, participants will be awarded an official certification from the Nautical Institute (NI), which is a testament to their updated skills in dynamic positioning operations.

What are the primary objectives of the Dynamic Positioning Revalidation Course offered by Lerus?

The course is designed to refresh DPOs on the latest rules, regulations, position references, sensors, and known DP incidents. By the end of the course, participants will have a thorough understanding of current industry standards and be equipped to handle various DP-related challenges, especially during system failures.

With Lerus being a global company, how does it ensure consistent quality across its training centers in different countries?

Lerus takes pride in its standardized training protocols that are implemented across all its centers worldwide. This ensures that regardless of where participants enroll, they receive the same high-quality training. Our advanced training platforms, combined with our team of expert instructors, ensure that every participant gets a world-class learning experience.

Reviews - Nautical Institute DP Revalidation / Refresher Course

Amazing simulator
Friendly atmosphere, professional staff.... Review by: Artem
Satisfied expactations
My thanks to Lerus team for this course. Inctructor Mr. Alex refreshed and deepen my knowledge in DP area, and I brushed up all the key points. His manner of teaching is outstanding, and I have no doubts that he is a master of his craft. My appreciations to all the training center staff. Review by: Omer
Excellent & recommended
Overall is 5⭐️, welldone Lerus training mid valley Review by: Khairul
revalidation course
very good.Suggest to all dpo/sdpo to carry out refreshing course for your knowledge and future. Review by: shidi
Great training center
Good Lerus team, friendly. Great instructor Alex and assistance Anis. Review by: Chai
Expectations exceeded
A well deserved Thank you to the knowledgeable Instructor and friendly staff of Lerus Training, Turkey. From booking the course to the completion was well organised and professional. The training centre was well situated with reagrds to the airport, accommodation and public transport. The level of instruction and quality of the training centre was superb and prepared me well for the final course examination. A big thank you again to Capt Alex and all at Lerus. It will definitely be my first choice for my next course. Review by: David
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