Offshore familiarization course

To enhance knowledge for seafarers which would like to join offshore fleet.  May be also useful to offshore workers during changing their specialization.

Courses Duration Participants Language
4 days 6 prs Eng / Ukr
4 days 6 prs English
4 days 6 prs Eng / Id
4 days 6 prs English
4 days 6 prs English
4 days 6 prs English
4 days 6 prs English

Target Audience

Ship’s Masters, Officers and crew.

Course Prerequisites



Theoretical lessons and practical exercises in Full Mission Class A Offshore Vessel simulator.

  • Offshore vessels types and designations
  • Basic Offshore operations
  • Supply Cargo Operations (type of cargo, its transportation, loading/offloading)
  • Basic knowledge of  offshore towing operations
  • Main aspects and practice in harbor operations
  • Induction and practice on ASD vessels, including harbor tug
  • Ship handling with different propulsion/Thrusters
  • Basic knowledge of Anchor Handling, including exercises on simulator
  • Basic safety and health requirements


Participants should demonstrate ability to understand and perform basic offshore operations:

  • Ship handling
  • ASD Maneuvering
  • Support/Supply operations
  • Basic Anchor Handling operations

Admission Requirements

Participants must have competence as watch-keeping deck or engine officer.