Gangway Operator Initial Training

Course Description: The course is a combination of theory and practical simulator-based training for use of walk-to-work AMC and PMC gangways in oil-and-gas and wind energy sectors.

Duration: 3 days
Participants: Max 6 prs
Validity: 5 years
Course Aims

Training is designed to equip delegates with the knowledge and understanding of offshore walk-to-work gangway operations. It also covers cargo operations and the liquid transfer provided by modern offshore gangways. Practical aspects of gangway operations are delivered using computerized gangway simulator.

Course pre-requisites

No special requirements.

Course content

Course is lined up with the IMCA M254 “Guidelines for Walk to Work Operations”, IMCA C002 “Guidance on Competence Assurance and Assessment. Marine Division” and covers the following:

  • Course Introduction
  • Wind Farm and Oil and Gas Industry Ship types
  • Gangway types
  • Gangway Operator responsibilities
  • Basic Gangway terminology
  • Gangway Power system
  • Documentation and events prior operations
  • Prestart, daily and pre-connection gangway checks
  • Safe Working Limits
  • Gangway maintenance
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Fuel and water transfer
  • Lifting Operations by Gangway
  • Principles of tension
  • Lifting equipment

After completion of initial training delegates will receive gangway operator log book so they can record their practical experience on board.

Frequently asked questions - Gangway Operator Initial Training

What is Gangway Operator Initial Training?

Gangway Operator Initial Training is a specialized course designed for individuals aiming to work in offshore crane operations, particularly focusing on gangway operations. The training covers essential safety practices, operational techniques, and regulatory standards to ensure competent handling of gangway operations in the offshore oil-gas and renewable energy sectors.

Who should enroll in the Gangway Operator Initial Training course?

This course is ideal for professionals and newcomers in the offshore industry who wish to specialize in gangway operations. It serves as a foundational step for those seeking to gain or improve their expertise in safely managing gangway activities, crucial for offshore platforms, vessels, and renewable energy projects.

What will participants learn in the Gangway Operator Initial Training?

Participants will learn about the best practices, safety protocols, and technical knowledge required for efficient gangway operations. The course emphasizes hands-on training with simulations, theoretical knowledge, and understanding of the latest industry standards and regulations, preparing participants for real-world challenges in offshore operations.
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