Barge Supervisor (Barge Master) Course

For personnel who intend to become a Barge Supervisor (Barge Master), to undertake responsibility for Barge Supervisor (Barge Master) on Mobile Offshore Units (MOU).

Courses Duration Participants Language
3 days 8 prs Eng / Ukr
3 days 8 prs Eng / Id
3 days 8 prs English
3 days 8 prs English
3 days 8 prs English
3 days 8 prs English

Reference material:

Barge Supervisor (Barge Master) Course book provided during training.
Video presentation – related to each chapter


  • Terminology associated to ships’ stability
  • States of equilibrium
  • Initial stability
  • Longitudinal and transverse stability
  • Hydrostatic parameters
  • List and trim
  • Damaged stability
  • Loading weights and mooring system effects
  • Motions in a seaway and ballast control
  • Operating procedures and reports.
  • Blackout situations
  • Movements of onboard cargo
  • Collision regulations
  • Loss of watertight integrity
  • Various equipment and systems’ failure
  • Severe weather


3 days course – 22,5 hours – One instructor


Valid Mobile Offshore Units (MOU) Stability Certificate;
Valid STCW certificate of competency as Master, Chief Mate or Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch;
Valid basic STCW certificates or BOSIET;
Valid Medical Examination