OPITO Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST)

This introductory safety training programme is designed to introduce the fundamental safety elements of the offshore oil & gas industry to new starts, giving an appreciation of the potential hazards and controls that might be encountered by personnel offshore. Each module has been designed to focus the delegates' attention on their personal responsibility for safety thus influencing their behaviour and attitude towards their co-workers, the installation and the environment.

Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization

This course
is approved by OPITO.
Duration: 2 days
Participants: 16 prs
Validity: 4 years

Course Prerequisites

There are no pre-requisites required.


During this introductory safety training programme candidates will gain an awareness of the major accident hazards, workplace hazards and associated controls to be found on offshore installations.

Course Content

Module 1 MAJOR ACCIDENT HAZARDS Element 1.1 Major Accident Hazards in an Offshore Environment
Element 1.2 Safety Case
Element 1.3 Asset Integrity

Module 2 WORKPLACE HAZARDS AND PERSONAL SAFETY Element 2.1 Workplace Hazards and Life Saving Rules
Element 2.2 Personal Contributions and Responsibility for Safety
Element 2.3 Safety Committees and Safety Representatives

Module 3 RISK MANAGEMENT Element 3.1 Risk Assessment
Element 3.2 Risk Intervention Systems

Module 4 CONTROL OF WORK Element 4.1 Safety Management Systems
Element 4.2 Control of Work

Module 5 HELICOPTER SAFETY Element 5.1 Helicopter Safety


Re-assessment, via an on-line assessment, will take place every four years.

Frequently asked questions - OPITO MIST Course

After completing the course, will participants receive an OPITO certificate?

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded an official OPITO certificate valid for 4 years, recognizing their proficiency in the essential safety elements covered.

What is the primary objective of the "Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST)" course offered by Lerus?

The "Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST)" course is designed to introduce the fundamental safety elements of the offshore oil and gas industry. It equips participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to recognize and respond to potential hazards, ensuring a safer working environment for all involved.

Who should consider enrolling in the "Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST)" course?

The course is ideal for all personnel intending to work in the offshore oil and gas industry. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced professional looking to refresh your safety knowledge, the MIST course provides comprehensive training tailored to the unique challenges of the offshore environment.

Reviews - OPITO MIST Course

Amazing course
Mr. Vitaliy is a very competent and friendly instructor. He provides the course content very well, easy to understand. Glad that I passed this course here. Review by: Aleksandrs
Valuable knowledge
I received precious knowledge which I will definitely implement into daily work. Enourmous emount of information and cases prepared me for any issues which may appear. In my opinion, this course is really great. Review by: Vladyslav
Essential knowledge
Glad to pass this course here. It was really informative, and I learned a lot. I would recommend Lerus to anyone. Review by: Harry
A really informative course
This OPITO training taught me so much new nowledge. I got acquinted with approximate hazards which personnel offhore my be faced with, and how to deal with it. I was introduced to basic elements of safety onboard of offshore vessels, and it was extremmely precious to me. Review by: Leonid

OPITO minimum industry safety training course

Lerus Training offers the OPITO Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST), a crucial program for offshore workers in the oil and gas industry. This OPITO-approved training course is designed to enhance personal safety by educating delegates on major accident hazards, workplace hazards, and control of work in offshore environments. The MIST program focuses on risk management and helicopter safety, ensuring that offshore workers are well-prepared to handle various hazards they may encounter. By completing the OPITO MIST, delegates gain a comprehensive understanding of the safety elements found on offshore installations, making it an essential training for anyone looking to work offshore in the UK Continental Shelf.

MIST training course overview

The MIST training course at Lerus Training is structured to provide delegates with the knowledge and understanding required to work safely offshore. The course covers key safety elements, including risk assessment and emergency rescue and recovery procedures. Delegates who complete the OPITO MIST further training certificate are equipped with the skills necessary to manage and control entry and arrangements for confined spaces, ensuring a safe working environment. The program is aimed at both new and experienced offshore workers, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for the oil and gas industry. With Lerus Training's OPITO MIST, offshore workers are assured of receiving top-quality training that adheres to the highest industry standards.


The OPITO Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST) online course is a critical requirement for experienced offshore workers looking to renew their MIST certification every four years. This online refresher course, approved by OPITO, is designed to ensure that individuals maintain their safety knowledge and awareness up to date with the latest standards found on offshore installations. Prior to course commencement, learners are required to complete a declaration, confirming their prior offshore work experience, including details of their last offshore trip, such as the asset name, location, and dates. This process ensures that the training is relevant and tailored to the specific needs of those who have previously worked offshore. The MIST online refresher course serves as an essential platform for workers to renew their MIST certification, providing a convenient and efficient way to access the training programme and secure a valid OPITO MIST further training certificate.

Upon completion of the course, delegates will gain renewed confidence in their ability to work safely in the challenging environment of offshore installations. The course content covers a comprehensive overview of basic offshore safety, including emergency response procedures and the use of safety equipment, tailored to meet the initial requirements for personnel working in the UK oil and gas industry. The OPITO approved course is delivered through an online training format, making it accessible for offshore workers to complete prior to travelling offshore. This refresher training is crucial not only for maintaining a valid MIST certificate but also for ensuring that all personnel possess the basic safety knowledge necessary to protect themselves and their colleagues in the offshore sector. The MIST course, whether taken online or as a classroom course at a training centre, underscores the commitment of training providers to uphold the highest standards of safety in the oil and gas safety sector.

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