OPITO Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader (HERTL)

The Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) is responsible for the day-to-day management of the helideck, associated helideck operations and supervision of the Helideck Assistants (HDAs). The HLO is responsible for leading the initial response to a helicopter emergency on an offshore fixed, mobile or floating installation and supervising the HDA Helideck Emergency Response Team Members (HERTM) in their role as Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader (HERTL). This training course is designed to give the initial knowledge, understanding and skills required to perform the role of HLO Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader with high level of safety and efficiency.

Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization

This course
is approved by OPITO.
Duration: 4 days
Participants: 12 prs
Validity: 2 years

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Target Audience

All personnel involved in the work of the helipad and in helideck emergency response team on offshore installation.

Course Prerequisites

The prerequisites for this training programme are:

  • A valid OPITO Helideck Operations Initial Training certificate
  • A valid OPITO Helideck Emergency Response Team Member Certificate or a valid Helideck Emergency Response Team Member Further Certificate
  • A valid Radio Operators Certificate of Competence (ROCC) – UKCS Operations only
Course Content

Theoretical lessons and practical exercises at Helicopter simulator:

  • Helideck Emergency Response Preparedness
    • Helideck emergency response pre-planning
    • Helideck and helicopter emergency systems and controls
  • NUI HLO Emergency Response
    • NUI emergency response requirements
  • HLO: Leading and Controlling Helideck Emergency Response
    • HLO HERTL emergency response responsibilities and requirements
    • Practical exercises for HLO Emergency Response

Participants should demonstrate their knowledge of the role and responsibilities of a HLO HERTL and practice to a variety of helideck firefighting and non-firefighting emergency scenarios.

Admission Requirements

Participants must have a valid medical certificate and valid photo ID


Every two years

Frequently asked questions - OPITO HERTL Course

After completing the course with Lerus, will participants receive an OPITO certificate?

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded an OPITO certificate with 2-year validity, recognizing their competence in helideck emergency response leadership.

What is the main focus of the "Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader (HERTL)" course offered by Lerus?

The "Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader (HERTL)" course is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead a helideck emergency response team effectively. It covers a range of topics, from understanding the roles and responsibilities of a HERTL to practical training in firefighting and non-firefighting helideck emergency response scenarios.

Why choose Lerus for the "Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader (HERTL)" training?

Lerus is a global leader in offshore training, renowned for its commitment to excellence. By enrolling in our courses, participants are assured of receiving training that meets the highest international standards. Our expert instructors, modern training facilities, and comprehensive curriculum ensure that every learner is equipped with the skills needed to excel in their roles, reinforcing Lerus's reputation as a trusted global training provider.

Reviews - OPITO HERTL Course

Informative and well-organised training
The HERTL training was very informative for me. I would like to admit a well-organised practical part and an extensive course programme. Besides, additional appreciations to the instructor Andriy who knew absolutely all the answers for any questions. Review by: Peter
Very recommended training place with highly qualified and experienced instructor with and complete practice facility.
Very good training place and strategic location close to Soekarno Hatta airport. Has highly qualified and experienced instructor,up to date and informative. Has complete practice facility. For me it's all very useful for improvising my skills. For those who needs HERTL or any OPITO certificate,this training center is highly recommended. Review by: AMRI HAKESPAN
High standard training center, trainer very communicative and delivered the competence perfectly. Practice sessions carried out as real as an actual. Highly recommended to take the training at LERUS Training Review by: Frans Mairuhu
Overall is good
Appreciated & thanks Review by: Dalta Marthadinata
Recommended training provider
Various scenarios with good, experience, fully trained and competent instructor/personnel of Lerus Indonesia to deliver the training which useful for us to face with worst credible scenarios on board FPU. Review by: C.Walyadi
all good. instructor very experience Review by: slamet riyadi

OPITO Approved HERTL Course

Lerus Training offers a specialized OPITO Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader (HERTL) training course, designed for those appointed to the role of leading helideck emergency responses on offshore installations. This HERTL training program equips delegates with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and lead a helideck emergency response in a controlled and competent manner. The training course encompasses various simulated emergency scenarios, focusing on helideck and helicopter emergencies, and aims to develop the competence required to lead a helideck emergency response team. The course is OPITO approved, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of training and assessment in the offshore industry. Delegates who complete this training program will receive a valid OPITO Helideck Emergency Response Leader training certificate, demonstrating their ability to handle emergency situations on offshore helidecks and helicopters.

Course Overview: OPITO HERTL Certification

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