QHSE Level 1

Administration Requirements

Any crew member who is accountable for the implementation of the QHSE Management System and the QHSE programs including HSE Advisors / Officers, Senior Maritime Officers, Party Managers but is not limited to Junior maritime officers and any Crew member who in his job assignment has the responsibility for a group of crew. HSE Leaders and selected HSE support team members are highly recommended attend this course.

Bureau Veritas

This course is certified
by Bureau Veritas.
Duration: 3 days
Participants: 16 prs
Validity: 5 years

Course Objectives

Objective of Training are :

  • To provide skills on implementation of the QHSE Management System and QHSE programs
  • To provide all participants with knowledge of and hands on experience with fundamental Management tools such as Hazard Identification and Risk Control, Inspections, accident investigation, and other topics.


Upon completion of course, participants will have obtained the QHSE Level 1 certification, which can be recorded in the corresponding section of their Training and Competency passports in accordance with company requirements.


The course provides the typical contents and sequence of the QHSE management course for Managers / Non managers.
Although all listed topics represent the minimum common training that shall be provided in all courses, topics may either be expanded or added in order to address Companies / Owners specific Area issues (such as specific security or health issues, local regulations,...etc)
Topics are arranged along the same sequence as the best practices and resources of the variety QHSE systems, but sequence may need to be modified in order to fit customer requirements (Company for Group of people).

Additional support materials (invitation letter, handouts checklist, administrator checklist, certificates) are also provided as part of Organizational resources.

Reviews - QHSE Level 1

Very good
All is good. Look forward to pass the next stage. Review by: Andrii
Good staff and service
I'm glad that I have passed this course here due to a high level of knowledge which I received during the course. I received full amount of information which I will implement in my work and believe will hepl me to promote. Review by: Anatolii
Interesting course
This training satisfied my expectations. Interesting and detailed course, intructor was quilified and ready to help me with any question. I would recommend this course to my friends. Review by: Roman
Interesting and useful course
Thank you Lerus training team for such useful course. I obtained huge amount of valuable knowldge which I will definetlly implement into my daily working routine. Review by: Tolik
Very interesting
Thsi course was really informative and interesting for me. I learned a lot of new stuff for me. I believe it will positively affect my career. Review by: Philimonov Vladislav
Good course
I'm tottally satisfied with the course. Thanks to Lerus and speecially to Instructor Andriy for such wonderful experience. Review by: Pavlo seaman
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