Rescue From Height Training

Rescue From Height Training is designed to provide personnel that occupied in industrial, marine and offshore environment with the extended knowledge and skills on rescue from height techniques and equipment in any place where such risk exists. After completion of course delegates will be able to identify, assess and control risks associated with the rescue at height, correctly plan and execute such activities and to respond properly for the emergencies with sufficient theoretical background and practical experience.

Courses Duration Participants Language
1 day 10 prs Eng / Ukr
1 day 10 prs English
1 day 10 prs Eng / Id
1 day 10 prs English

Target Audience

Marine, Offshore & Industrial personnel

Course Prerequisites:

Valid Medical Examination, Working at Height Training


  1. Rescue at Height Planning and Executing
  2. Rescue from Height Equipment
  3. Rescue and First Aid
  4. Practical Exercises


To obtain knowledge and practical skills for rescue from height.

Admission Requirements



Each 2 years