Offshore Support Vessel Operation Course

To enhance Safety on Offshore Support Vessels teaching new employees offshore terminology and safety during the anchor handling, supply and cable laying operations.

Courses Duration Participants Language
3 days 6 prs Eng / Ukr
3 days 6 prs English
3 days 6 prs English

Course Contents

  • Company procedures
  • Workplace instructions
  • Basic knowledge in vessel layout
  • Basic knowledge in vessel equipment
  • Scope of work
  • Types of cargo and cargo systems
  • Anchor-handling equipment
  • Lifting techniques when handling heavy equipment
  • Man - handling gear on deck
  • Safe practices when using Shark Jaws
  • Safety when working with cables


  • To have personnel join the vessels with knowledge sufficient to enable them to work safely and efficiently onboard the vessels
  • Furthermore, to give the inexperienced personnel basic knowledge of the design, scope of work and especially of the safety aspects related to offshore support vessels, including anchor handling, cargo handling and cable-laying vessels
  • To provide an introduction to Company policies
  • Give a general introduction to offshore support vessels, design and scope of work
  • Become familiar with the safety aspects related to these types of ship
  • To handle and inspect wires, chains and related equipment properly
  • How to practice safety when working with Shark Jaws
  • How to practice safety during anchor handling, cargo handling, towing operations and cable laying

Course reviews

Helpful course
I've passed this course in Lerus and received huge amount of knowledge regarding offshore supply vessels. This course allows me to push my career as a seafarer and I'm totally sure that I will return for the new trainings. Review by: Mykola
Amazing training
In my opinion, Lerus training center conducts amazing training which allows you to aquire essential skills to perform OSV operations. I received huge amount of information for self-growth and career development. Thank you Lerus for this opportunity. Review by: Fatih
Enriching practice
Practical part on simulator was amazing. Thanks to Lerus for such enriching experience! Review by: Nikita Kozhuh
Both important and informative
This course taught me how to perform save OSV operations through various exercises on simulator. It was exciting experience and I learned a lot. These three days were full of new information and impressions. Thanks. Review by: Valerii
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