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Maintaining safety during offshore activities is paramount, and it begins with thorough training. In Ukraine, Lerus provides an array of Basic Safety Training courses specifically designed for individuals in the marine and offshore industries. These courses, ranging from confined space entry to working at height, are crafted to equip professionals with the crucial knowledge and skills needed for conducting safe operations.

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Our training courses are designed with a focus on building a strong sense of shared responsibility among team members, ensuring that everyone is committed to looking out for each other. In the expansive and often unpredictable offshore environment, it is the trust and skills developed through our training that form the crucial first line of defense against potential dangers.

The goal of our courses is to equip professionals with the foundational knowledge and practical skills needed for conducting safe operations. With cutting-edge facilities and experienced instructors, Lerus is recognized as a leading provider of offshore safety training in Ukraine, offering comprehensive training that professionals can rely on.

Frequently asked questions - Basic Safety courses - Ukraine

After completing the courses with Lerus, will participants receive a certification?

Yes, upon successful completion of our courses, participants will receive a certification from Lerus, attesting to their understanding and proficiency in the subject matter.

What is the primary objective of the Basic Safety courses offered by Lerus?

The Basic Safety courses in Ukraine are designed to equip participants with essential safety skills and knowledge. They cover specific areas such as confined space entry, working at height, and rescue from height, ensuring participants are well-prepared to handle safety-related challenges in various scenarios.

Why should one opt for Lerus for Basic Safety courses in Ukraine?

Lerus is a global company renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality training experiences. In Ukraine, Lerus upholds its high standards of excellence, ensuring that participants receive top-notch training. The combination of expert instructors and advanced training methodologies makes Lerus a trusted choice for those seeking comprehensive safety courses.
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