Winch Operator Course

Upon completion of the course, the successful student will be able to master winch handling operations on Anchor Handling, Tug and Supply (AHTS) vessels within satisfying safety requirements and the best working practice.

Courses Duration Participants Language
5 days 6 prs Eng / Ukr


Target audience

Personnel with some experience in Anchor Handling (AH) operations.

Contents of course

  • Case exercises based on real life events
  • AH operation planning including Risk Assessment
  • Winch handling simulator exercises where typical operations like Wire Spooling, Grappling, Chasing, Preset Systems and Towing are used
  • Debriefing sessions covering both the simulator exercise itself and the scenario exercises
  • Carrying out operations keeping the importance of the enormous forces involved in mind while conducting the various tasks - or experiencing the consequences of not doing so

Special information

According to Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping 2012 (STCW-12), Section B-V/e 8, appropriate simulator training may be used as a supplement in the training of masters, officers and engineers serving on AHTS vessels.

Entry requirements

Introduction to Anchor Handling Course
Some degree of AH operation experience

Teaching method

The training is a combination of simulator training, case study, scenario planning and debriefing. The realism will be provided with the state of the art Kongsberg Maritime, and in addition course contents developed by experienced AHTS crew and Kongsberg Maritime personnel.

Teaching medium

The course documentation is written in English and the course will be held in English, unless otherwise agreed.

Course reviews

Wonderful content
I received deep knowledge and proper skills regarding winch operations. Instructor Dmytro explains this difficult material plainly, answered all our questions. I am glad that I passed this course here with such professional and experienced instructor. Review by: Azat
Splendid course
This course became the insight for me. The highly competent instructor Oleksandr managed to deliver such difficult material in an uncomplicated manner. I will definitely implement the enlightening experience which I gained during practical exercises into my work duties. Review by: Nick
Outstanding course
The vast amount of delivered knowledge and acquired experience completely satisfied my expectations from the course. My sincere appreciations to lerus cneter and team. Review by: Ismail
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