Jack-Up familiarization

Jack-Up Familiarization course is developed for Officers who intend to obtain specific knowledge regarding operation of Jack-Up rigs, platforms, barges, self-propelled vessels with the jack-up system (liftboats).

Courses Duration Participants Language
5 days 6 prs Eng / Ukr
3 days 6 prs English
5 days Max 12 prs Eng / Id
5 days Max 8 prs English
5 days 4 prs English
- - English
- - English

After completion of course delegates will know and understand: the properties and limitations of jacking systems including rack phase difference calculation; essentials of jacking operations including corresponding hazards and controls; equipment that critical for safety of Jack-Up rig, site-specific rules and procedures including emergency response; stability of Jack-Up rig; specifics of Safety Management System and Client-specific Project documentation; Liaison with clients / project personnel and bridging of conflicting procedures; Specific of helicopter operations on Jack-Up rigs.

Jack-up familiarization course summary presentation

  1. Legislation.
  2. Types of Jack-Up units
  3. Types of Jack-Up systems
  4. Safety-critical equipment of Jack-Up units
  5. Planning of operations on Jack-Up units
  6. Safety Management System and corresponding documentation
  7. Effective operation of Jack-Up plant in near-shore environment
  8. Emergencies, Risks and Hazards associated with the Jack-Up operations and activities
  9. Stability of Jack-Up unit
  10. Jack-Up Unit moving
  11. Helicopter Operations
  12. Case Studies