Gangway Operator Competence Reassessment

Course Description: This course involves theoretical assessment in an Assessor-Delegate interview format and completing a practical assessment on a simulator or gangway.

Duration: 1 day
Participants: Max 2 prs
Validity: 5 years
Course Aims

The Gangway Operator Competence Reassessment is designed to assess knowledge and skills acquired by the delegate over their working career.

Course pre-requisites

Valid Gangway Operator Competence Assessment certificate or equivalent.

Frequently asked questions - Gangway Operator Competence Reassessment

What is the Gangway Operator Competence Reassessment?

The Gangway Operator Competence Reassessment is designed to evaluate the ongoing competency of gangway operators in the offshore sector, ensuring they remain up to date with the latest operational standards and safety protocols.

Who should undergo the Gangway Operator Competence Reassessment?

This reassessment is ideal for experienced gangway operators looking to validate their skills and knowledge in line with current industry standards, ensuring they maintain the highest level of operational safety and efficiency.

How often should a gangway operator undergo Competence Reassessment?

Industry best practices suggest that gangway operators should undergo competence reassessment periodically to ensure continuous compliance with evolving industry standards and to reinforce safety and operational integrity.
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