Safe Lifting Operations Course

This course is designed to give participants knowledge and understanding of essential principles of safe lifting and encouraging their strict application to lifting and hoisting operations.

Courses Duration Participants Language
1 day Max 8 prs Eng / Ukr
1 day Max 8 prs English
1 day Max 8 prs English
1 day Max 8 prs English
1 day Max 8 prs Eng / Id
1 day Max 8 prs English
1 day Max 8 prs English

Target Audience

Designed to suit personnel who have no previous crane operating experience. Covers basic knowledge and control skills achieving good foundation training for Safe Lifting Operation.

Safe Lifting Operations – photo 1

Course Prerequisites

No prerequisites for this training course

Course Content

Theoretical lessons in class:

  • Introduction. Lifting and hoisting safety recommended practice
  • Planning.
  • Control .
  • Competence.
  • Equipment.
  • Inspection, maintenance and certification.
  • Load integrity and stability.
  • Lifting of personnel.
  • Management system.
  • Reference and good practice documents.


Give the trainees understanding and basic knowledge about offshore cranes and lifting operations. Provide Trainees with fundamental safe working procedures to be followed during lifting operations

Admission Requirements

Participants must have a COC, seaman's book, valid medical certificate and valid photo ID


3 days


Assessment by multiple-choice test. Pass mark is 80%

Course reviews

Extremely interesting course
I had no prior experience regarding lifting operations but I gained initial knowledge and experience after completing the course in Lerus. It was informative, interesting and comprehensive. Review by: Roman
Informative course
I received lots of critical information, besides all the course was provided in both interesting and well-organized way. Also I gained essential skills and good experience on simulator. Review by: Mykola B.
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