Rig Move Training

The course is intended to provide participants with an introduction and training in the handling, manoeuvering and towing of mobile platforms. To learn the best practices which should be used to ensure the safety of personnel on board all vessels servicing and supporting offshore facilities, and to reduce the risks associated with MODU Move operations. We are able to train crew in close to reality conditions to improve your skills in operations such as the Rig move, Jack up Move, Semi-submersible move, Anchor Handling, Tandem Towing, Escort Towing, Jack-Up Towage, Maneuvering offshore vessel. We provide good theoretical learning of main procedures and requirements  and practical skills on simulator with different tasks and scenarios for MODU Move operation.

Courses Duration Participants Language
5 days 4 prs Eng / Ukr
5 days 4 prs English
5 days 4 prs English
5 days 4 prs English


Contents of course

  • Health, Safety and Environmental requirements for the MOU Move Operation 
  • Description of MOU, Unit type, i.e. Semi Submersible, Jack Up, Barge, FPSO 
  • Departure and Arrival Location(s) 
  • On Shore Planning and Risk Assessment 
  • Maneuvering
  • Circulation Systems
  • Towing
  • Various navigation techniques
  • Cooperation on the bridge
  • Procedures
  • Anchor Calculations

The students should demonstrate good handling skills on simulator, awareness of safety procedures, planning of MODU Move operation during different tasks and environment conditions upon completion of the course.


Day 1:  Opening of course handling and maneuvering systems. Cooperation on the bridge; procedures, planning exercises. Simulator: Rig maneuvering and anchoring
Day 2:  Anchor Calculations, anchoring, rig handling. Simulator: Rig maneuvering and anchoring 
Day 3:  Simulator: Rig maneuvering and anchoring 
Day 4:  Simulator: Rig maneuvering and anchoring
Day 5:  Simulator exam, written exam 

Assessment / Examination

Written and practical assessment

Teaching aids and equipment

Simulator for practise and classroom for theoretical learning.  

Entry requirements

Deck officers with more than three years experience in maneuvering of offshore support vessels.

Course reviews

The course suits my expectations
My company required Rig Move certificate ASAP so I chose Lerus Training Center due to my previous experience with this company regarding other courses. Everything was arranged on the highest level as usual. Administrative staff arranged the course quickly. Intructor Oleksandr provided theoretical part firmly but in an understandable way. My gratitude to Lerus. Review by: Aleksejs
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