Confined Space Entry course

The Aims of the Course to identify and control/eliminate hazards in and around Confined Spaces, as well as, how to operate safely within a Confined Space work environment.

Courses Duration Participants Language
1 day 2-16 prs Eng / Ukr
1 day 2-16 prs English
1 day 2-16 prs Eng / Id
1 day 2-16 prs English

Target Group

Any personnel involved with confined spaces work or potential rescuers.

Requirements for the students/Admission Reqirements

Participants must have a valid medical certificate and valid photo ID

Course content

Definition of confined space. Identifying Confined Space
Hazards and Dangers associated with confined spaces
Characteristics of confined space
Safe operating procedures in confined spaces
Personnel Responsibilities
Understand the Permit to work system (PTW)
Proper Equipment
Emergency procedures and rescue of personnel in confined spaces

The objective

The overall objective of this training is to protect those entering or working around a confined space. In this course you will learn the physical, chemical, and biological principles related to safe working with confined spaces.

Course reviews

Outstanding course
My appreciations to Lerus staff and my instructor for this course. I received valuable knowledge and skills which will allow me to success in my career. I understood everything very well, and instructor answered all the questions which we asked him. Hope to get a chance to pass another course here. Review by: Ishwar
Wonderful course
I have passed this course in Lerus recently and I am totally satisfied with it. Instructor provided information in a very easy way. Everything was clear. Plan to do more courses in this training center. Review by: Ari
Confined space entry training
The course was really intresting and informative. Hope to pass more courses here in future. Review by: Kostya
This course is amazing.Thanks for this experience for me. So much knowledge! Instructor Andriy is so experienced and transmitted all the information in a well-organised way. Looking forward to implement new knowledge. Review by: Radzhashwar
Helping course
It was a good course for me. New information and experience. It will definetely have impact on my career. Review by: Aye Min
Extremely interesting
I'm glad for the opportunity to pass the course in Lerus. It was extremely informative and interesting. My thanks to Lerus and my instructor. Review by: Ramin Ashwar
I was lucky enough to pass the confined space entry course, and I received lots of new information and essential skills. I'm totally satisfied. Review by: Arianto Sapura
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