Comprehensive Gangway Operator Training


Lerus Training introduces a specialized training program for gangway operators in the offshore oil-and-gas and renewable energy sectors, structured around the stringent guidelines of IMCA M254 and IMCA C002.

The curriculum is meticulously divided into three core courses:

Each course is designed to equip operators with the essential theoretical knowledge, practical skills using a modern computer-based gangway simulator, and thorough competence assessments conducted by seasoned instructors. This program ensures that participants are fully prepared to manage walk-to-work operations efficiently and safely.

The Gangway Operator Training courses by Lerus Training are accessible in the majority of countries where Lerus operates training centers, ensuring wide availability for professionals in the offshore oil-and-gas and renewable energy industries. This global accessibility underscores Lerus's commitment to elevating industry standards and competencies across the globe.

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