Lerus Training Innovates with VR Simulators in Testing Phase


Lerus Training, a leading provider of offshore training courses, is excited to announce that it is actively testing its virtual reality (VR) versions for the Offshore Crane Simulator and ASD Simulator.

The VR simulators, which are currently undergoing testing, are set to offer an immersive training experience, allowing trainees to perfect their skills in a secure, realistic, and controlled virtual setting. This advancement is integral to Lerus Training's strategy to maintain industry leadership and respond to the offshore sector's changing educational requirements.

This development showcases the company's efforts to create advanced training solutions that aim to improve the learning experience and engagement for participants worldwide.

Operating in 8 countries, Lerus Training is known for its world-class instructors and certifications from international institutes and organizations. The company's innovative approach is expected to make a significant impact on the training industry by incorporating computer-based training to meet the rigorous demands of offshore operations.

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