Banksman / Slinger and Rigger

This course delivers an interactive training experience designed to help students understand the requirements for personnel qualification and companies policies of lifting/rigging activities. This course is primarily for Riggers but should be useful to Supervisors devising simple rigging scheme and Tradesmen/Technician etc, who encounter lifting and handling problem during the day to day activities. The primary aim of this course is to alleviate everyday mechanical handling problems. At the end of this course, the personnel will be able to perform and conduct a safe rigging and slinging activities and understand the safety requirements of the industry.

Courses Duration Participants Language
3 days Max 10 prs Eng / Ukr
3 days Max 10 prs English
3 days Max 10 prs English
3 days Max 10 prs English
3 days Max 10 prs Eng / Id
3 days Max 10 prs English

Target Audience

Designed to suit personnel who have previous marine experience as Riggers, Tradesmen/Technician, deck supervisors, etc.

Course Prerequisites

No prerequisites for this training course


The content of this course will give the trainees understanding and basic knowledge about offshore rigging/slinging, lifting operations and rigging equipment:

  • Rigging procedure and precautions
  • Work with lifting plan
  • Lifting procedures and safety procedures
  • Material used in wire rope slings
  • Correct use and care of lifting equipment and accessories
  • Good and bad rigging practice
  • Responsibilities of a rigger/slinger
  • Safe working loads


To deliver knowledge and develop competence of rigging principles, hazards and risks while providing the opportunity to develop required skills for rigging and slinging.

Admission Requirements

Participants must have a COC, seaman's book, valid medical certificate


Theoretical and practical assessment